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Bob et Bobette et les diables du Texas

Luke and Lucy
International title Luke and Lucy and the Texas Rangers
Section Enfants Terribles Competición hasta 12 años
Country Bélgica
Year 2009
Format 35mm / Betacam Digital
Color / B&W Color
Running time 85 min.
Original language Frances, Inglés
Director Mark Mertens, Wim Bien
Screenplay Guy Mortier, Dirk Nieland, Eric Wirix
Film Editing Joris Brouwers
Photography Cotoon
Music Ian Marien
Art direction Paul Burton
Production Eric Wirix, Jan Theys
Cast Staf Coppens, Evelien Verhegge, Lucas Van Den Eynde, Sien Eggers, Filip Peeters
Web site,
Producer Skyline Entertainment NV
Distribution Company Delphis Films inc.
Synopsis It is very long ago since Dark City, Texas, was peaceful. This is blamed on the terror imposed by Jim Parasite, alias JP, whose plan is to reduce the population of the place with the intention of taking control of absolutely everything and everybody. When Luke and Lucy become aware that the scoundrel has kidnapped the Texas Rangers, they waste no time in going to rescue them. Once there they occupy the headquarters, but soon realize they are not welcome. They also discover that JP has spies everywhere, which increases their suspicions on the whole town, from Sheriff Cooper down to Theodore, the seller, who behaves very suspiciously. The only person who seems to be trustworthy is the dancer, Miss Missy, even though Aunt Sybil suspects that she may actually be working for JP.
Director bio Wim Bien
After obtaining a degree in German Philology, Wim Bien studied Animation in Brussels and finished the studies in 1995. Since then he has worked in numerous productions as animator and director of animation in short and feature films as well as in television. Luke and Lucy and the Texas Rangers is his first feature film as director.
Mark Mertens
Mark Mertens studied in Brussels to become a film maker. He has an extensive CV as producer in the world of animation, especially in television. Although he has previously worked as assistant director, Luke and Lucy and the Texas Rangers is also his first feature film as director.