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Continuing with its aim to dedicate a space to cinema on the margins of commercial trends, the 57th Gijón/Xixón International Film Festival, the Llendes section, will celebrate its annual appointment with cinema on the limits of narrative. A meeting point for gazes on the customary life of rural populations, on the margins between reality and the lies within found footage, on the impact colonialism meant for traditional forms of subsistence or on the search for a cinematographic archaeology that gives meaning to our present. Thirteen fragments of reality, including feature films and short films, seven of which are directed by women.

Being the selection process still in progress, some of the feature films that will be part of Llendes in the #57FICX include the following:

- De barrio (Xurxo Chirro, 2019) features a neighbourhood of a Galician village during its festivities. In contrast, an old woman can no longer speak. Her memories come alive. The neighbourhood disappears. World premiere of the new film by Xurxo Chirro, which already visited Gijón in 2011 with Vikingland.

- My Mexican Bretzel (Nuria Giménez Lorang, 2019) False documentary made up of fragments from Vivian Barrett's diary together with images filmed by her husband Léon Barrett in the middle of the last century, but what is true and what is false among this material found? World premiere.

- De los nombres de las cabras (Miguel G. Morales & Silvia Navarro Martín, 2019) Award for Best Film at the IndieLisboa Festival, this documentary features film, sound and photographic material recorded between 1920 and 1970 in which the construction of the identity of the Canary Islands and the impact that colonization has had on them is studied. Premiere in Spain together with ZineBi.

- L'isola (Mark John Ostrowski, 2019) A mosaic of the transalpine city of Tarento in which the American director based in Asturias shows us its spectacular beauty, as well as the threat posed by the spills of the large steel company that subsists on its outskirts. World premiere.

- Ghost Strata (Ben Rivers, 2019) Director Ben Rivers returns to Gijón with his latest work, in which he investigates the impact that humanity has had, has and will have on the past, present and future of our planet: Premiere in Spain.

- Tus huellas conducían a la montaña (Alonso Valbuena, 2019) A portrait of everyday life in times of crisis, of home and family as refuge and condemnation, of the contrasts between physical and personal horizons. World Premiere.

- Felix in Wonderland (Marie Losier, 2019) The French filmmaker, winner of the FIPRESCI Award for Best Director at the 56 FICX, investigates the personality and work of Felix Kubin. A brilliant artist who, together with his usual instrument, a synthesizer Korg MS 20, has collaborated with artists such as György Ligeti or Kraftwerk. Premiere in Spain

- Oroslan (Matjaž Ivanišin, 2019) Presented in the Filmmakers of the Present section of the Locarno Festival, tells the story of a Slovenian village that will try to recreate the image of one of its most famous fellow citizens, recently passed away. First fiction feature film by the Slovenian filmmaker. Premiere in Spain.

Along with these feature films, Llendes #57FICX will also screen a series of short films, all of them premieres in Spain, specially selected for their theme and formal interest. These are the following: Sol negro, the memories of the great solar eclipse of 2015 according to the Portuguese filmmaker Maureen Fazendeiro with dazzling images rich in textures; New York Ext.Day, the last work of the Asturian scriptwriter and filmmaker Alfonso S. Suárez, in which he travels through the cinematographic spaces of the Big Apple that form part of our collective imaginary; Antarctic Traces, Michaela Grill's testimony about the pernicious impact that human presence has had on the frozen continent of Antarctica; Xulia, by Lur Olaizola, a documentary work about the identity reconstruction of the people left behind by our society, which will be premiered jointly with the ZineBi Festival; and Hellen, by Romanian filmmaker Claudia Alexandru, which tackles the problem of adolescent depression, with special emphasis on their way of seeing the world.

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