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International title Heart of the Land
Section 56 edición - FINNISH SHORTS
Country Finlandia
Year 2016
Running time 30 min.
Original language Finlandés
Director Kaisa Astikainen
Screenplay Nina Ijäs, Kaisa Astikainen
Film Editing Nina Ijäs
Photography Markus Tynskä
Music Paavo Malmberg
Production Kaisa Astikainen
Cast Oki Astikainen, Ritva Astikainen
Web site
Producer Toivola-filmi Oy
Distribution Company Toivola-filmi Oy
Synopsis A couple runs a small dairy farm somewhere in the heart of the Finnish countryside. The work of generations will soon come to its end, as their retirement is approaching and there’s no one left to continue the family tradition. But for one last year everything continues the same; the season change, and the days are filled with labor. A film about love for the land, the richness of everyday life, and the sadness of letting go.