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Minun tieni, perkele

International title My Way, Damn it!
Section 56 edición - FINNISH SHORTS
Country Finlandia
Year 2016
Running time 13 min.
Original language Finlandés
Director Kati Laukkanen
Screenplay Kati Laukkanen
Film Editing Mikko Uusitalo, Pauli Huhtaniemi
Photography Jane Langen
Production Pasi Toivonen
Producer Yleisradio
Synopsis Man. Pants. Woman. Skirt. Who is allowed to wear what? The answer hit Markus Kuotesaho, a junkyard entrepreneur from Siikajoki Finland, like a sledgehammer. In this tender portrait, the subject’s straightforwardness and courage challenge the prejudices of the inhabitants of a small northern town in Finland as well as the ones of the viewer. A most welcome reminder that ultimately certain personal choices and actions pertain only to ourselves.