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Country Líbano, Iraq, Francia
Year 2018
Running time 100 min.
Original language Árabe
Director Abbas Fahdel
Production Abbas Fahdel
Cast Michelle Wehbe (Yara), Elias Freifer (Elias)
Producer Stalker Production
Distribution Company Stalker Production
Synopsis Before watching Yara, it would be necessary to leave to one side the great expectations that Homeland (Iraq Year Zero) (2015) raised at the time and the guesses we have in mind about the new project of its director, Abbas Fahdel. With such assumptions discarded, we will be able to be surprised by the neatness and respect with which the filmmaker introduces fiction in a documentary location, with a girl “trapped” in a beautiful valley in northern Lebanon. A harmonious paradise whose walls are hundreds of trees that seem to separate Yara from the future she craves. Fahdel achieves something rarely seen: getting close enough to the characters to appreciate the vulnerability that comes with the desire for the other, without the camera interfering in the shyness of the first love. With an innocent and Bressonian look, Yara deserves a viewer at her level.
Andrea Morán