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Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons

Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons
International title Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons
Section Desorden y concierto - 42 edición
Country Alemania
Year 2004
Running time 90
Director Gandulf Hennig
Screenplay Gandulf Hennig, Sid Griffin
Film Editing Birgit Mild
Photography Boris Becker
Music Gram Parsons
Producer SpotHouse GmbH

Synopsis Gram Parsons, the melancholic and tormented child of rich, alcoholic southerners, a pioneer of country rock and co-founder of cult group Flying Burrito Brothers. Misunderstood: purists saw him as a hippy and hippies considered him a purist. Emylou Harris and Keith Richards (his friend and mentor in the world of drugs) help him to start up a solo career after a motorbike accident and Parsons records a prescient gem: "Grievous Angel". He didn’t get to see it published, he died in 1973 of an overdose. His friends stole the body so that he wasn’t buried in the family pantheon; Parsons had left it in written that he wanted to rest as ashes in the desert. He was 27, just as some other excellent corpses: Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain.