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International title Supertramps
Section Enfants Terribles - 42 edición
Country España
Year 2004
Running time 70
Director Iñigo Berasategi, José María Goenaga
Screenplay José María Goenaga
Producer Irusoin


Barton Films

Synopsis This is the hilarious story of a disastrous street gang led by a black cat who offers his services as a jinx. The rest are just as peculiar: an Asian pig, a Centre-European rat and a Caribbean cock. And one day, a sophisticated she-cat called Nora falls off a removal lorry: she’s sophisticated, whimsical and smart, and she’s going to turn their lives upside down. Nora is also worth her weight in gold: the reward her owners are willing to pay if she’s returned home safe and sound. The gang become greedy and they are more than willing to sort out their lives by taking her home. What they didn’t account for was that Nora doesn’t want to go back, she has become daring and is beginning to enjoy street life.