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Rhythm is It!

Rhythm is It!
International title Rhythm is It!
Section Enfants Terribles - 42 edición
Country Alemania
Year 2003
Running time 100
Director Thomas Grube, Enrique Sánchez Lansch
Film Editing Dirk Grau, Martin Hoffmann
Photography René Dame, Marcus Winterbauer
Music Igor Stravinski, Karim Sebastian Elias
Producer Boomtown Media GmbH

Synopsis Sir Simon Rattle chooses “The Rite of Spring” for his debut as conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra is already in the pit and on the stage, over 250 German schoolchildren from all age groups and races dance to the sound of Stravinsky’s music in a choreography designed for them by Royston Maldoon. Hours, days and months of work will lead up to an artistic and pedagogical experiment unique in the world. The children, who pride themselves on knowing nothing about classical music or contemporary ballet, talk about what they feel and what they don’t feel, get disciplined by the choreographer’s patience, channel their riots, phobias and embarrassments and start dancing. Harmony, awkwardness, spontaneity, rhythm, enthusiasm… technique is non-important, because, thank God, this is not Star Academy. And this way, the result is what matters: the collective performance, the dedication, giving in to music and using the body to express it.