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A Date for Mad Mary

International title A Date for Mad Mary
Section 55 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country Irlanda
Year 2016
Running time 82 min.
Original language Inglés
Director Darren Thornton
Screenplay Darren Thornton, Colin Thornton
Film Editing Tony Cranstoun, Juangus Dinsmore
Photography Ole Bratt Birkeland
Music Stephen Rennicks, Hugh Drumm
Art direction Michael Moynihan
Costume Allison Byrne
Production Juliette Bonass, Ed Guiney
Production design Kieran McNulty
Cast Seána Kerslake (Mary), Tara Lee (Jess), Charleigh Bailey (Charlene), Siobhán Shanahan (Leona), Denise McCormack (Suzanne)

Element Pictures

Distribution Company

Ventas Internacionales: Mongrel International


Mary is not exactly mad, despite what they say. She’s just a bit violent, a bit rebellious and very restless. She’s just finished a short prison sentence and she’s back in her neighbourhood in the small Irish city of Drogheda, just to find that her best friend and party friend Charlene has completely changed and is about to get married. Mary will have to be her maid of honour, although everyone, including Charlene, believes it’s going to be difficult for her to find a date for the wedding. Nevertheless, Mad Mary is resolved to prove them wrong and starts desperately looking for a date, but what is despairing her is acknowledging how far she feels from her old friend and her new environment. In fact, when she finds a date for the wedding it will be a surprise for everyone… even for herself. A bittersweet tragicomedy and the first feature film from the Irish Darren Thornton.

Jesús Palacios