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Moi César, 10 ans et démi, 1m39

Moi César, 10 ans et démi, 1m39
International title Moi César, 10 ans et démi, 1m39
Section Enfants Terribles - 42 edición
Country Francia
Year 2003
Running time 91
Director Richard Berry
Screenplay Eric Assous, Richard Berry
Film Editing Lisa Pfeiffer, Laurence Briot
Photography Thomas Hardmeier
Music Reno Isaac
Producer Europacorp

Synopsis His mother wanted to call him Romain, his father Jules. They agreed on Cesar and Petit would be his surname. Small Cesar sorrowfully thinks his is a dog’s name; he’s ten, about 4 foot tall, Jewish, overweight… he doesn’t speak much, but he thinks a lot, his parents don’t understand each other, and they don’t understand him either. He is hopeless at sports and has a sweet tooth, his fingers feel clumsy on the piano, he visits the headmaster’s office much too often. Popular, he is not, although he is saved from loneliness by his half-breed friend with blonde dreadlocks, the girl of his dreams, his accurate logic and his extraordinary imagination.