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Quality of Life

Quality of Life
International title Quality of Life
Section Enfants Terribles - 42 edición
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2004
Running time 85
Director Benjamin Morgan
Screenplay Benjamin Morgan, Brian Burnam
Film Editing Sharon Franklin
Photography Kev Robertson
Music Count
Producer Summershines Productions

Distribution Company Quality of Life

Synopsis Between 15 and 18 million dollars are spent every year in US on cleaning graffiti and prosecuting those who use the city as their canvas. This story introduces us to one of the most lively, important and relevant artistic expression of the last decades: graffiti. Michael Rose and Curtis Smith started spreading colour and imagination on the walls of San Francisco when they were 10; nowadays they are the most famous street artists of the city. Their graffiti are art outside the museums, but they are nothing but vandals for the authorities. Besides, their lives are drifting apart, one has to help his father as a painter, the other one is becoming a professional criminal.