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The Ketchup Effect

The Ketchup Effect
International title Hip, Hip, Hora!
Section Enfants Terribles - 42 edición
Country Suecia
Year 2004
Running time 91
Director Teresa Fabik
Screenplay Teresa Fabik
Film Editing Sofia Lindgren
Photography Pär M. Ekberg
Music Jacob Groth
Producer Filmlance International AB

Distribution Company The Swedish Film Institute

Synopsis When you become 13, you abhor childhood and you enter adolescence. Sofie is working at it. She’s right in the middle of a generational clash with her father, striving to be popular, to be accepted, sighing over the school’s cool (but daft) guy, fighting off bewilderment, doing as many stupidities as heroic deeds. And among the stupidities, something that will ruin her reputation: getting drunk at a party in order to get rid of her inhibitions, only to end up being the victim of a cruel prank. The rumour spreads at school, fingers point, the boys harass her with rude jokes, her friends leave her. Sofie is at her wit’s end, and at that point, she plucks up her courage and intelligence and decides to teach them all a lesson.