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Pearls and Pigs

Pearls and Pigs
International title Helmiä ja Sikoja
Section Enfants Terribles - 42 edición
Country Finlandia
Year 2003
Running time 114
Director Perttu Leppä
Screenplay Perttu Leppä
Film Editing Kimmo Taavila
Photography Jyrki Arnikari
Music Pauli Hanhiniemi
Producer Talent House

Distribution Company Finnish Film Foundation

Synopsis The Hirvonen brothers are just as sloppy as their father. They all run a disastrous family business selling drinks and snacks and spend the rest of their time drinking, sobering up, mixing with the wrong people in the wrong places, getting into fights and idling around. But catastrophe is looming: his father ends up in jail after a failed robbery and hands them the custody of their half-sister. Her name is Sara, she is 10, painfully shy and exceptionally musical. The Hirvonen brothers act as parents… as well as they can. Thick as they are, they can’t think of a better goal for the girl than to enrol her in a TV talent show for kids.