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Vive L'Amour

Vive L'Amour
International title AIQING WANSUI
Section Tsai Ming-liang - 42 edición
Country Taiwan
Year 1994
Running time 118
Director Tsai Ming-liang
Screenplay Tsai Ming-liang, Tsai Yi-chun, Yang Pi-ying
Film Editing Sung Shin-cheng
Photography Liao Pen-jung, Lin Ming-kuo
Producer Central Motion Pictures Corporation Ltd.
Distribution Company Yedra Films
Synopsis An apartment in a crowded city, a passing place unwittingly shared by four sporadic lodgers. Mei is a real-state agent, perpetually on the phone or running from place to place. Her lover sells clothes on the street and cheats on her with May, an older woman, on the same bed where he sleeps with her. None of them know anything about Hsiao-Kang, he uses the apartment because he stole the keys. He has a boyish face and a macabre job: he sells indoor niches for crematorium urns, sometimes he wears women’s clothes, he once half-heartedly slashed his wrists.