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Still the Water

Still the water
International title Futatsume no mado
Section Gran Angular Ficción
Country Japón, Francia, España
Year 2014
Color / B&W Color
Running time 119 min.
Original language Japonés
Director Naomi Kawase
Screenplay Naomi Kawase
Film Editing Tina Baz
Music Hasiken
Art direction Kenji Inoue
Production Masa Sawada, Takehiko Aoki, Naomi Kawase, Luis Miñarro
Cast Nijiro Murakami (Kaito), Jun Yoshinaga (Kyoko), Miyuki Matsuda (Isa), Tetta Sugimoto (Tetsu), Makiko Watanabe (Misaki), Jun Murakami (Atsushi), Fujio Tokita (Kamejiro)
Producer Comme des Cinémas, Wowows,
Distribution Company

Good Films / MK2

Naomi Kawase is one of the more personal and unique voices in international cinema today. In Still the water she combines with extraordinary success a noir based story (the young main character, Kaito, finds a corpse in the sea) with an almost documentary approach to the spiritual life and traditional rites of the inhabitants of the Amami-Oshima island, where the action takes place. The island actually becomes a character in the film. Some of the essential topics in her previous films, such as the relationship between life and death or the special link between human beings and nature, are also present in this feature filled with images of great beauty. The main plot, where Kaito and his girlfriend Kyoko try to understand the former’s mystery finding, runs in parallel to the actual trip they are starting together… moving from their teen years into adulthood.