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The River

The River
International title HE LIU
Section Tsai Ming-liang - 42 edición
Country Taiwan
Year 1997
Running time 115
Director Tsai Ming-liang
Screenplay Tsai Ming-liang, Tsai Yi-chun, Yang Bi-ying
Film Editing Chen Sheng-chang, Lei Cheng-ching
Photography Liao Pen-jung
Music Huang Hsu-chung
Producer Central Motion Pictures Corporation Ltd.
Synopsis A sad family in Taipei. It is forever raining, the house has leaks, they are constantly wiping water. The mother works as a lift operator, she incestuously lusts after her son and has a lover who distributes porn videos. The father, retired, is a regular visitor of McDonald’s and gay bath houses. The son lives in perplexity. A friend invites him to a film location, and as they need a convincing drowned corpse, he reluctantly accepts to play that part. From then onwards, he starts suffering from severe, crippling neck pain.