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Red Army

Red Army
International title Red Army
Section Gran Angular Ficción
Country Estados Unidos, Rusia
Year 2014
Color / B&W Color
Running time 85 min.
Original language Inglés, ruso
Director Gabe Polsky
Screenplay Gabe Polsky
Film Editing Eli Despres, Kurt Engfehr
Photography Peter Zeitlinger, Svetlana Cvetko
Music Christophe Beck, Leo Birenberg
Art direction E. J. Holowicki
Production Gabe Polsky
Cast Viacheslav Fetisov, Vladislav Tretiak, Alexei Kasatonov, Vladimir Krutov, Antaoly Karpov, Scotty Bowman, Vladimir Pozner, Lawrence Martin
Producer Gabriel Polsky Productions
Distribution Company

Wild Bunch

Behind a brilliant documentary about the best team in the history of ice hockey told through his captain’s eyes, Slava Fetisov, we find not only the story of a man who went from big national hero to being branded a traitor and enemy of the state, but also the story of the Cold War, the transformation of the USSR into Russia, the chronicle of one of the most spectacular sports in the world and of a generation of legendary sportsmen.
Produced by Werner Herzog and directed by Gabe Polsky, they make us understand, by using the example of ice hockey in Russia, that sport is much more than show business and to which extent it reflects its society and has a huge impact on culture, politics and even history.