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International title Yorgos
Section DocuFICX
Country España, Chile
Year 2014
Running time 70 min.
Original language Español, Rapanui
Director Paco Toledo, José Domingo Rivera
Film Editing Andrés Prieto
Photography Paco Toledo
Music Ricardo Santander
Production Esteban Bernatas, Paco Toledo, José Domingo Rivera
Producer ANDO LIADO s.l.u.
Compañía asociada: Talatala
Distribution Company

Zumzeig Distribución

The History of the movies is full of gaps. Of absences and oblivions which are as important, if not more, as its most popular characters. Without them the moving image would have never become the art and industry it is. One of these absences, at least to the eyes of the audiences, is that of Max Linder, one of the greats of silent movies, to many, the first real star of comedy, a character as fascinating as he is controversial. Elio Quiroga gives Max Linder a new life through a film essay using a wide array of resources –archive footing, professional actors, statements by experts...- to show us not only his story but also that of Maud’s, his daughter, and her struggle to retrieve the legacy and memory of her genius father, who was always absent.
Director bio

Paco Toledo studied filmmaking in Chile and Cuba. In 2008 he won the national filmmaking award in Catalonia for his multi award winner documentary Can Tunis. Toledo is also a cameraman and cinematographer and has worked in TV, advertising, short films and features, both documentaries and fiction.

José Domingo Rivera is lawyer by trade. He has lived in Easter Island and New York, where he studied documentary making. He then completed his studies at the ESCAC in Barcelona. His documentary En enero quizás won an award at Documenta Madrid in 2009. He lives in Chile since 2011.