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Natural Resistance

International title Natural Resistance
Section DocuFICX - Fuera de competición
Country Italia, Francia
Year 2014
Color / B&W Color
Running time 86 min.
Original language Italiano
Director Jonathan Nossiter
Film Editing Jonathan Nossiter
Photography Jonathan Nossiter, Paula Prandini
Production Jonathan Nossiter, Paula Prandini, Gianluca Farinelli
Cast Stefano Bellotti, Elena Pantaleoni, Corrado Dottori, Giovanna Tiezzi, Stefano Borsa, Valeria Bochi
Producer Les Films Du Rat
Distribution Company

Coproduction Office

Synopsis Ten years ago, Jonathan Nossiter, former sommelier, released his documentary Mondovino, analysing the impact of globalization in wines from different regions of the world. He now strikes back with Natural Resistance, an interesting and spontaneous dialogue with four vineyard owners in Tuscany. They ponder upon the new ways to make, sell and drink wine. These businessmen, passionate about their work and tradition, voice many critics, specially towards the organization in charge of issuing the Denomination of Origin labels. Their talks about preserving the craft in today’s wine industry are intertwined with Gian Luca Farinelli’s, director of Bologna Film Archives, comments on today’s preservation of classic movies.
Director bio
Jonathan Nossiter was born in Washington D.C. in 1961 and grew up in France, England, Italy, Greece and India. He studied painting in Paris and San Francisco. He has worked as assistant director in several plays and films, among them Fatal Attraction by Adrian Lyne. A professional sommelier, he has selected wines for some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world. He has shot both fiction and documentary features. He now lives in Rome