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Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge
International title Pine Ridge
Section DocuFICX
Country Dinamarca
Year 2013
Color / B&W Color
Running time 77 min.
Original language Inglés, lakota
Director Anna Eborn
Film Editing Anna Eborn
Photography Nadim Carlsen
Music Chris Douglas
Production Katja Adomeit
Cast Freddy Thin Elk, Lance Red Cloud, Vanessa Piper, Cody Makes Him First, John Little Finger, Daniel Runs Close, Bert Lee Montileaux Jr., Robert Young Dog, Craig Dreamer, Cassandra Warrior, Steve Reddy Jr. Kasselsky Little, Ronald Cross Dog, James Black Bear, Cole Cash & Baby Cass, Nick Piper, Renzel Palmier
Producer Adomeit film
Distribution Company

Film Republic

The Sioux reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, is one of the poorest in the United States. There lives the lakota oglala tribe, not far from where the Wounded Knee massacre took place, where in 1890 “blue” soldiers killed almost “redskins” miniconjou —including women and children—, and where in 1973 71 days of popular demonstrations of the American Indian Movement against the Federal Government and the FBI also took place. The story, shot during one summer, is built with scenes that have apparently no connection between them. The main characters are young people from the community and the things that affect them: sometimes a past they can not get back, sometimes a hopeful dream, sometimes their worries about an uncertain future…
Director bio Anna Eborn was born in Sweden in 1983. She is self taught and lives between Denmark and Sweden. He has directed some fiction short films and documentaries. In 2010 he shot BABA, selected by Goteborg Festival. Pine Ridge is his first documentary feature.