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Life is a Miracle

La Vida es un Milagro
International title Zivot Je Cudo
Section Esbilla - 42 edición
Country Serbia Montenegro
Year 2004
Running time 127
Director Emir Kusturica
Screenplay Ranko Bozic, Emir Kusturica
Film Editing Svetolik Mica Zajc
Photography Michel Amathieu
Music Emir Kusturica, Dejan Sparavalo
Producer Les Films Alain Sarde


Cabiria Films
France 2 Cinéma
Distribution Company Alta Films

Synopsis There are rumours of war in Bosnia in 1992, but Luka, a Serb engineer, takes no heed. He embarks his opera-singer wife, Jadranka, and his son, Milos, a budding football star, on a new project: to build a railroad in a small village in the middle of nowhere to link Bosnia and Croatia. That’s a different world, one hundred percent bucholic, without worries, from drunken celebration to drunken celebration. And the war, which they all wanted to ignore, finally breaks out and finds them right in the middle of their bacchanalia. Milos is called up by the army and soon taken hostage, his mother disappears with a Hungarian musician and Luka is given a Muslim woman to be his hostage to exchange for his son.