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A Touch of Sin

touch of a sin
International title Tian zhu ding
Section Gran Angular
Country China, Japón
Year 2013
Format DCP
Color / B&W Color
Running time 125 min.
Original language Mandarín
Director Jia Zhangke
Screenplay Jia Zhangke
Film Editing Matthieu Laclau, Xudong Lin
Photography Yu Likwai
Music Lim Giong
Art direction Liu Weixin
Production Shozo Ichiyama
Production design Weixin Liu
Cast Jiang Wu (Dahai), Meng Li (Lianrong), Lanshan Luo (Xiaohui), Baoqiang Wang (Zhousan), Jiayi Zhang (amante de Xiaoyu), Zhao Tao (Xiaoyu)
Producer Xstream Pictures (Beijing)
Distribution Company


Dahai (Jiang Wu), a miner exasperated with the corruption of his village leaders, decides to take matters in his own hands. San'er (Lanshan Luo), a migrant worker, discovers the infinite possibilities his weapon offers. Xiaoyu (Meng Li), front desk clerk in a sauna, can’t stand a wealthy client’s harassing anymore. Xiaohui (Baoqiang Wang) goes from one job to the next, each on more and more degrading conditions. Four characters, four provinces, a reflection upon nowadays China: a society with a colossal economic growth slowly eroded by violence. A violence that leads to desperate decisions that irrevocably affect their lives and those surrounding them.