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International title Iris
Section Esbilla - 42 edición
Country España
Year 2004
Running time 99
Director Rosa Vergés
Screenplay Rosa Vergés, Jordi Barrachina
Film Editing Frank Gutiérrez
Photography Mario Montero
Music Mauricio Villavecchia
Producer Ovideo TV
Synopsis Iris is full of life, her marriage has failed and she aspires to become a photographer. But her whole world comes tumbling down when war breaks out. The first bombs kill her mother and in the middle of horror, Iris and her tiny camera become accidental chroniclers of life, which goes on despite war. And also love: Óscar, a dreamy and enthusiastic doctor whom she will soon lose in an aid convoy. And more heartache: her husband comes back and rapes her. Ágata is born, Iris will never know who her father is, she so wants it to be Óscar, she will look for him all her life.