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The Straight and Narrow

The Straight and Narrow
International title Le Droit Chemin
Section Sección Oficial Cortometrajes Competición - 42 edición
Country Francia
Year 2004
Running time 12
Director Mathias Gokalp
Screenplay Mathias Gokalp
Film Editing Ariane Mellet
Photography Christophe Solesne
Music Flemming Nordkrog
Producer KARé Productions

Distribution Company UNIFRANCE

Synopsis Lost in time and space, a 25-year-old prisoner reviews ths story of his life, confusing where it started and where it has ended.
Director bio He was born in Paris in 1973. He has been shooting Super-8 films since he was 10 years old, and after studying Literature, he shot the shorts L'Or des blés (1993) and Un acte d'amour (1995). He entered L’INSAS film school in Belgium, where he shot a documentary, Salvatore Nicotra (1998), and a musical comedy, Rachid et Martha (1999). He has also made TV programmes and various shorts for Karé Productions, among them Mi Temps, which was screened by Locarno Film Festival in its retrospective “Pardi di Domani”.