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International title Tower
Section 50 edición - Llendes
Country Canadá
Year 2012
Format HDCam
Color / B&W Color
Running time 78 min.
Original language Inglés
Director Kazik Radwanski
Screenplay Kazik Radwanski
Film Editing Ajla Odobasic
Photography Daniel Voshart, Richard Williamson
Music Gabe Knox, Johnny Hockin, Brian Wong
Art direction Eva Michon
Production Daniel Montgomery
Cast Derek Bogart (Derek), Nicole Fairbairn (Nicole), Deborah Sawyer (madre), John Scholl (padre), Josh Lowry (hermano), Becky Shrimpton (cuñada), Danny Falls (Danny), Stephen McPhail (Stephen), Roberto Eaton (Rob)
Web site
Producer Medium Density Fireboard Films
Derek is 34, balding early and permanently disenchanted. He lives in his parents’ cellar creating an animation project: a green monster that piles rock upon rock to build a seemingly never ending tower. At day he works in construction and his only moment of leisure takes place at night, visiting different parties, discos and night clubs in Toronto, and trying to remain unseen while he takes people’s pictures with his Smartphone. The beginning of an unforeseen possible relationship with an elder woman can be the turning point to change his monotone existence. Kazik Radwaski presents his first movie as a movie maker: an experiment in style over matter, mostly shot in close up and testing the onlooker’s patience and his link to a passive and annoying main character who seems to have more in common with us than we could think at first glance.