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Un monstre à Paris

un mostre a paris
International title A Monster in Paris
Section 50 edición - Animaficx
Country Belgica
Year 2011
Color / B&W Color
Running time 89 min.
Original language Francés
Director Bibo Bergeron
Screenplay Bibo Bergeron, Stéphane Kazandjian
Film Editing Pascal Chevé
Music Mathieu Chedid
Art direction François Moret
Production Luc Besson, Olivier Bizet, Rémi Burah, Andre Clavel, Nadia Khamlichi, Adrian Politowski, Gilles Waterkeyn
Production design Sébastien Piquet
Cast (Voces) Vanessa Paradis (Lucille), Matthieu Chedid (Francoeur), Gad Elmaleh (Raoul), Sébastien Desjours (Émile), François Cluzet (Maynott), Ludivine Sagnier (Maud), Julie Ferrier (Mme. Carlotta), Bruno Salomone (Albert), Philippe Peythieu (Narrador)
Producer Europacorp
Distribution Company VERTICE 360 - Ventas internacionales: EUROPACORP
Raoul is a delivery boy in Paris in the early twentieth century. He is also a scientist dreaming of inventing something that will change the world. In order to do so he relies on the help provided by his friend Emile, a projectionist. A flea interrupts accidentally one of the experiments and grows to the size of an adult human being. It then flees the scene and soon causes chaos in the French city. While Víctor, a politician, uses fear of the monster to achieve fame by capturing it, beautiful Lucille –a night club singer – discovers something quite interesting: the flea is not only friendly but also an excellent guitar player, so she disguises it with human clothes and incorporates it to her show with remarkable success. A 3D computer animation film produced by Luc Besson and presenting the most colorful and romantic version of the City of Light, the perfect place to tell a tale about an impossible love story, like this one. It was directed and co-written by Bibo Bergeron, responsible of some American films such as The Road to El Dorado or Shark Tale, who came back to his country with this film, yet another proof of the incredible quality of French animation today.