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Le jour des corneilles

the day of the crows
International title The Day of the Crows
Section 50 edición - Animaficx
Country Francia
Year 2012
Color / B&W Color
Running time 94 min.
Original language Francés
Director Jean Christophe Dessaint
Screenplay Amandine Taffin
Film Editing Jean-Christophe Dessaint
Photography Patrice Suau
Music Nicolas Becker
Production Roebben Anton, Jeremy Burdek, Nadia Khamlichi , Martin Metz, William Picot, Adrian Politowski, Iwona Sellers, Gilles Waterkeyn
Cast (Voces) Jean Reno, Isabelle Carré, Lorànt Deutsch, Claude Chabrol
Producer Finalement
Distribution Company / Ventas internacionales : LE PACTE
Synopsis Beautiful animated fable adapting the novel by Canadian writer Jean-François Bauchomin about the story of the terrible Pumpkin (to whom Jean Reno lends his voice) who has raised his child in an almost wild state, in a hidden place in the middle of the forest and instilling into him the fear to “the outside world”. Everything changes when the kid, after his father has an accident, has to leave to look for help and meets an old doctor (to whom Claude Chabrol gives voice in one of his latest works before his death) and his daughter Manon. A meeting that will change his perception of the world and will make him meet his past. Wonderfully made, mostly with traditional techniques, it cleverly mixes the best of the European tradition (by using colours reminding us of the French painters of the late XIX century) with the Japanese school, mostly Hayao Miyazaki, as shown by the silent presence of the animal spirits with human shape the main character sees living in the forest. From that union something modern with a classical feel is born, something that is undoubtedly called to be one of the great titles of modern animation.