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Le chat du rabbin

International title The Rabbi's Cat
Section 50 edición - Animaficx
Country Francia
Year 2011
Color / B&W Color
Running time 89 min.
Original language Francés
Director Joann Sfar, Antoine Delesvaux
Screenplay Sandrina Jardel, Joann Sfar
Film Editing Maryline Monthieux
Photography Jeròme Brèzillon
Music Paul Lavergne
Art direction Christophe Lourdelet
Production Joann Sfar, Antoine Delesvaux
Cast François Morel, Maurice Bénichou, Hafsia Herzi
Producer Autochenille Production
Distribution Company / Ventas internacionales : THE FESTIVAL AGENCY
This film, just like the comic book of the same name also written and drawn by Joann Sfar, takes us to the thirties and uses that decade as the background to criticize the rigidity and absurd of religious fundamentalism in. He does so through the eyes of a rabbi’s cat who, after eating a parrot, gets the ability to be understood by the humans surrounding him. The cat, always aware of the fact that he is an animal, poses inquisitive questions and shows an extraordinary rhetorical capacity and a keen analysis of the world surrounding him. The first half of the film is reflexive and philosophical, dealing with the power of religions, and the second becomes a sort of road movie starring a cast of mismatched characters. Both of them together make film is one of the most brilliant and original examples we can find when dealing with religions. This fact, together with the extraordinary care in translating Sfar’s comics personal style, explain a good deal of the success this film has had, as it has won the Cesar Award and the Annecy Film Festival Award to the best animated film.