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The Vampire Sister
International title The Vampire Sisters
Section 50 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country Alemanía
Year 2012
Color / B&W color
Running time 98 min.
Original language Alemán
Director Wolfgang Groos
Screenplay Ursula Gruber
Film Editing Stefan Essl
Photography Bernhard Jasper
Music Helmut Zerlett
Art direction Anette Ingerl
Costume Anke Winckler
Production Uli Putz, Jakob Claussen
Production design Anette Ingerl
Marta Martin (Silvania Tepes), Laura Roge (Dakaria Tepes), Christiane Paul (Elvira Tepes), Stipe Erceg (Mihai Tepes), Michael Kessler (Dirk van Kombast)


Claussen+Wöbke+Putz Filmproduktion, Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion

Distribution Company

CWP fims - Ventas internacionales: ARRI WORLDSALES

Dakaria and Silvania are two twelve year old sisters who move with their parents to a German city in order to start a new life. So far so good, except for the fact that their father is a vampire and they are half human, half vampire. Keeping their identity a secret, making new friends in school, fending off the class bullies, learning to fly and keeping away from the prying eyes of a nosy neighbor is too much for them, so they decide to resort to magic to change their nature and escape their problems. But actually trouble has just started. The spell will not work as expected and, impossible as it may seem, things will get worse. Based on the popular books by Franziska Gehm.
Director bio
Born in Kassel, Germany, in 1968, Wolfgang Groos started out working as assistant director. In 2003 he produced and directed his first short film, The Lucky Third, winner of the Critics' Award in Mexico International Film Festival. His first long feature, Hangtime, premiered in 2009 and in 2011 he released his second film, Crocodiles: All for one.