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Orla Frøsnapper

- freddyfrogface.jpg
International title Freddy Frogface
Section 49 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country Dinamarca
Year 2011
Format 35mm.
Color / B&W Color
Running time 81 min.
Original language Danés
Director Peter Dodd
Screenplay Søren Danielsen, basado en los libros de Ole Lund Kirkegaard
Film Editing Per Düring Risager
Music Halfdan E., Søren Siegumfledt
Production Nina Crone, Erik Wilstrup
Production design Christian Kuntz
Cast Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Thure Lindhart, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Katrine Falkenberg, Ole Thestrup, Margrethe Koytu, David Bateson, Cecilie Stenspil, Lasse Lunderskov, Lars Thiesgaard, Lars Ranthe, Tove Jystrup, Jamie Morton, Rikke Westi
Producer Crone Films A/S
Distribution Company Danish Film Institute
Synopsis Although only ten years old and living in a quiet town, Victor and his friends still have a lot at hand. Being small in a big world is complicated, especially when Freddie Frogface is at your heels. He may have a mind rather lower than his height, but Freddie never misses the opportunity to spoil all enjoyment for Victor and his friends. And he tries no less when a circus comes to town and calls for a talent show in which Victor plans to perform elaborate tricks with Salchicha, his dog. Freddie loses no time in plotting against Victor, but in spite of his deviant ways, maybe this time (rather appropriately), Freddie Frogface's shot will miss its target... Based on a character from the famous Ole Lund Kirkegaard, and co-directed by Peter Dodd (animator in Corpse Bride, by Tim Burton and Fantastic Mr. Fox by Wes Anderson).
Director bio Peter Dodd is a British director, writer and animator. Previous credits as an animator include The Tale of Desperaux, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. He has directed short films such as The Tale of Sir Richard and Blink that have travelled to many festivals around the world. He is currently working with Nimbus Films (Valhalla Rising, The Celebration, Mifune) on a new feature film.