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Petit Tailleur

- petittailleur.jpg
Section 49 edición - Llendes – Mezzanine Films
Country Little Tailor
Year 2010
Format 35mm
Color / B&W B y N
Running time 44min.
Original language Francés
Director Louis Garrel
Screenplay Louis Garrel
Film Editing Marie-Julie Maille
Photography Léo Hinstin
Music Grégoire Hetzel
Production Mathieu Bompoint
Cast Léa Seydoux, Arthur Igual
Producer Mezzanine Films
Synopsis A story about lives intertwining, bodies seeking, desiring one another, meeting and separating. Evelyne loves Albert, who feels very close to Arthur, who loves the actress, who loves the driver of the convertible. Night and death have their own ways of loving. And maybe there is not enough time for everyone to see their deepest wishes come true.