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Land of Plenty

Land of Plenty
International title Land of Plenty
Section Sección Oficial Largometrajes Fuera de Competición - 42 edición
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2004
Running time 123
Director Wim Wenders
Screenplay Wim Wenders, Michael Meredith
Film Editing Moritz Laube
Photography Franz Lustig
Music Thomas Hanreich, John Stafford Smith, Andreas von Holst, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Alison Galea
Producer Reverse Angle Pictures


Distribution Company Karma Films


Manga Films, S.L.

Synopsis Paul, physically and mentally damaged by experiences in Vietnam, lives out of a van and devotes his time to his favourite passion: combing the streets of Los Angeles looking for possible terrorist activity. His Christian niece Lana, raised in Palestinian territory, comes to town and they meet. Lana starts working at a homeless mission and manages to get her uncle’s attention when she offers to help him investigate the murder of a Middle Eastern tramp. Paul has no doubts: the homeless man was part of a terrorist cell and the answer is in Death Valley. His mission is to prevent a new 11th September with Lana, who heard the joy of the Arabs in the streets of Ramallah when the towers fell down.
Director bio Wenders was born in Düsseldorf in 1945. He studied Medicine, Philosophy, and Painting, and it was while he was taking etching classes in Paris in 1965-66 that he discovered the Cinematheque. He went back to Germany, to study at the Film and TV Academy in Munich, and to work as a film critic. He became internationally known with The American Friend (1977), starring Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz, while Paris, Texas (1984) became one of his biggest successes: filmed in the US and scripted by Sam Shepard, it won the Palme d'Or. Wenders then returned to Germany to shoot Wings of Desire, which also won in Cannes in 1987 (Best Director). In the late 90s, Wenders completed more films in the States and his Buena Vista Social Club (1999) received an Oscar nomination.