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Quelque chose d’organique

- organique.jpg
International title Organic
Section 49 edición - Bertrand Bonello
Country Francia, Canadá
Year 1998
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 90 min.
Original language Francés
Director Bertrand Bonello
Screenplay Bertrand Bonello
Film Editing Dominique Auvray
Photography Josée Deshaies
Music Laurie Markovitch
Art direction Frédéric Page
Costume Caroline Mireault
Production Lorraine Richard, Carole Scotta
Cast Laurent Lucas (Paul), Romane Bohringer (Marguerite), Charlotte Laurier (Sarah), David DiSalvio (Georges), Richard Notkin (vigilante del zoo), Stephen J. Smith (padre de Paul), Mourad Mimouni (Ahmed), Simon Hete (Léo), Robert Warren (el prior)
Producer Haut et Court
Distribution Company Tamasa Production
Synopsis A theory states that love is organic, something produced within us by means of the movement of our molecules. But organic love lasts for only three years and, after that, we start loving with our brains. Paul and Marguerite have been together for five years and everything is fine for Paul: he has a job as a zoo keeper, he loves his wife and, although he has a son from a previous marriage (which he does not like to talk about) who is permanently in hospital due to a chronic disease and an old father living with him at home, he thinks life is swell. Marguerite, on the other hand, spends the day at home doing nothing. She does not need entertaining and does not get bored. And she loves Paul, in spite of the years that transpired, organically. But gradually Paul and Marguerite start hiding secrets and living completely separate lives. Until one day Marguerite realizes she has started loving Paul with her brain. And for someone as strange and as sensitive as her, it may be that loving with her brain is really not enough.