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International title Clean
Section Sección Oficial Largometrajes Fuera de Competición - 42 edición
Country Francia, Canada, Reino unido
Year 2004
Running time 110
Director Olivier Assayas
Screenplay Olivier Assayas
Film Editing Luc Barnier
Photography Eric Gautier
Music David Roback, Brian Eno, Tricky
Producer Rectangle Productions

Haystack Productions (Reino Unido)

Rhombus Media (Canadá)

Arte France Cinéma
Distribution Company The Works

Synopsis Lee died of an overdose. Emily, his partner, was incriminated and sentenced to six months in jail. After being released, she goes back to her life, to her dreams: becoming a singer, getting back her son’s affection. The boy lives with his grandparents, Lee’s parents, Emily faces the rejection of her mother-in-law, who always has and always will blame her for her son’s death; her father-in-law, on the contrary, understands the boy has to be with his mother. Through Paris, London and San Francisco, Emily looks for her place in a world reluctant to forget the woman she has been and unwilling to accept her as the woman she longs to be.
Director bio Born in Paris in 1955, the son of respected screenwriter Jacques Rémy. He studied literature and painting and made his first short film in 1979. Between 1980 and 1985 he worked as an editor and prominent contibutor to Cahiers du Cinema for whom he produced two seminal issues: “Made in USA” (1982) and “Made in Hong Kong” (1984). He began screenwriting in 1985 and collaborated with André Téchiné on the scripts for Téchiné’s Rendezvous (1985) and Scene Of The Crime (1986). In 1986 he directed his first feature, Desordre, which won the Critics’ Prize at the Venice Film Festival. One of the most prestigious French filmmakers of his generation, his latest film, Clean, premiered in competition at Cannes in May 2004 and its star, Maggie Cheung won the Best Actress Award. Olivier Assayas is also the co-author, with Stig Bjorkman, of the book “Conversations with Ingmar Bergman” (1990).