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Section 49 edición - Géneros mutantes
Country Bélgica
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Color / B&W Color
Running time 89 min.
Original language Francés
Director Vincent Lannoo
Screenplay Vincent Lannoo, Frédérique Broos
Film Editing Frédérique Broos
Photography Vincent van Gelder
Music De Snaar, John Engel
Art direction Valérie Andre
Costume Gaelle Fierens
Production John Engel
Cast Carlo Ferrante (Georges Saint-Germain), Vera van Dooren (Bertha Saint-Germain), Pierre Lognay (Samson Saint-Germain), Fleur Lise Heuet (Grace Saint-Germain), Paul Ahmarani, Alexandra Kamp, Julien Doré
Producer Left Field Ventures
Synopsis Following several fruitless attempts to unveil the inner world of the Belgium Vampire Secret Society, a television team finally manages to gain insight into the day-to-day of one family, the Saint-Germains, who live at night and feed on blood: Georges, the dignified father; Bertha, the lunatic mother; and two adolescent children: Samson, a brain-dead and aggressive project of a man, and Grace, the rebellious daughter who wants to return to being human through repetitive and pathetic attempts at suicide. A family routine that is disturbed when Samson’s severe breach of the vampire code of conduct forces their exile to Quebec, Canada. A false documentary that uses humour to exploit all the key aspects of the vampire genre, and which is also an acidic and incorrect criticism of the Belgian society through this peculiar clan that lives on social security benefits and feeds on illegal immigrants.