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Dharma Guns (La succession Starkov)

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International title Dharma Guns
Section 49 edición - Géneros mutantes
Country Francia, Portugal
Year 2010
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color / B y N
Running time 93 min.
Original language Francés
Director François-Jacques Ossang
Screenplay François-Jacques Ossang
Film Editing F. J. Ossang, Jean-Christophe Sánchez
Photography Gleb Teleshov
Music Jack Belsen, Little Drake, MKB Fraction Provisoire
Costume Pierre-Yves Gayraud, Karine Charpentier
Production Bernard Plougeaut
Production design Yann Mercier, Sverine Baerel
Cast Guy Mcknight (Stan Van Der Decaen), Lionel Tua (Jon), Diogo Doria (Dr Ewers), Stéphane Ferrara (Arthur Strike), Alexandra Fournier (enfermera)
Producer OSS/100 Films & Documents
Distribution Company Urban Distribution Internacional
Synopsis Stan has awoken from a deep coma caused by a water ski accident. Dely, femme fatale, was at the wheel of the fast boat pulling him. An aura of surprise covers the world surrounding him in this awakening, in which a group of scientists are searching for someone with his same genetic identity. When he discovers that he is heir to strange professor Starkov, he decides to visit La Estrella island. Stan lives through a series of experiences that leave him on the brink of perception and awareness, with mysterious messages from a group known as Dharma Guns, tense meetings with Doctor Lisandro Ewers, strolls with crazy Jon (who is supposed to be a childhood friend) and the reunion with the seductive Dely. A voyage that will make it difficult for him to discern whether he is passing through a physical territory or through the twists and turns of his own synapses and neurons.