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L’Apollonide – Souvenirs de la maison close

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International title House of Tolerance
Section 49 edición - Sección Oficial Largometrajes Fuera de Competición; Bertrand Bonello
Country Francia
Year 2011
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 125 min
Original language Francés
Director Bertrand Bonello
Screenplay Bertrand Bonello
Film Editing Fabrice Rouaud
Photography Josée Deshaies
Music Bertrand Bonello
Art direction Alani Guffroy
Costume Anaïs Romand
Production Kristina Larsen, Bertrand Bonello
Cast Noémie Lvovsky (Marie-France), Hafsia Herzi (Samira), Céline Sallette (Clotilde), Jasmine Trinca (Julie), Adèle Haenel (Léa), Alice Barnole (Madeleine), Iliana Zabeth (Pauline)
Producer Les Films du Lendemain, My New Picture
Distribution Company Films Distribution
Synopsis End of the 19th century in Paris: L'Apollonide is the most exquisite 'house of tolerance' in town. A group of beautiful women, carefully selected, wearing the most elegant clothes and perfumed with the most exotic fragrances, initiated in the art of love and of satisfying wealthy clients who come to its dark, warm rooms every night, in a place where anything goes. A surreal and inebriating place. From beginners to experts -and with fewer possibilities of abandoning that type of life-, through to the most requested or to those who suffer unexpected calamities. Between decadent luxury and lust, and the strong sisterhood of the prostitutes, nights and days pass by in L'Apollonide.