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Section 49 edición - Sección Original Largometrajes
Country España
Year 2011
Color / B&W Color
Running time 84 min
Original language Español
Director Gabriel Velázquez
Screenplay Blanca Torres, Gabriel Velázquez
Film Editing Blanca Torres, Manuel García, Gabriel Velázquez
Photography David Azcano
Music Pablo Crespo
Art direction David G. Rollán, Enrique Radigales
Production Gabriel Velázquez
Cast Carolina Morocho (Rebeca), Jesús Nieto (Mauri), Victor García (Jota), Juanma Sevillano (Simón)
Producer Escorado Producción
Synopsis A young man returns to the scene of an accident in which his father died, and where he finds a finger with a ring, which he tries to pick up at all cost in spite of the hurdles that seem to be blocking his way. Two friends spend their time on a jetty owned by the family of one of them, without greater perspectives. A young girl whose eyes are hardly open to life is suffocating in the atmosphere of a boarding school in the area. Different ways, different anguish, but all of them, with no exception, hold inside icebergs that leave cold trails behind from troubles and broken hopes. Icebergs that hide the true nature of their immensity through their indifference. A film of submarine tension of whose conflicts we only see infinitesimal parts amidst calm waters, although the huge hidden block of ice is sensed.
Director bio He was born in Salamanca in 1968. He was first involved with film in 1995 when he produced in Salamanca Chema de la Peña's short film Lourdes de segunda mano. He then moved to Madrid in 1996, where he worked in Juanma Bajo Ulloa's Airbag. He has directed the following short films: En Madison siempre es lunes, Parabellum, London Calling, Soldaditos de latón and Charrosis. In 2005 he did a joint collaboration with Chema de la Peña producing, writing and directing Sud Express, which won the Pignis Award in the Official Selection at San Sebastián and was screened at some of the most important international festivals.