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Papá, soy una zombie

- papasoyunazombi.jpg
International title Daddy I’m a zombie
Section 49 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country España
Year 2011
Color / B&W Color
Running time 80 min
Original language Inglés, catalán, español o euskera
Director Ricardo Ramón, Joan Espinach
Screenplay Daniel Torres
Music Manel Gil
Producer Digital Dreams Films, Abra Prod. 
Distribution Company Barton Films
Synopsis Dixie is 13 years old, wears a permanent Gothic look and has a father who works as a caretaker. Things are not simple for them, especially since her mother left to start a nursery chain and her old friend Julia shows no interest in seeing her at all. To top it all, the boy she likes is nothing short of unreachable. However, one day an unlikely event changes her way of looking at things: Dixie wakes up one morning transformed into a zombie and henceforth her worries take a radical turn. It is no longer a fight against adolescence, but against the forces of darkness. It is not the fact that she lives in a funeral home, but that her house is a tomb. And her fight is not against the scorns of her classmates, but how to deal with some peculiar friends such as, for example, a mummy.
Director bio Ricardo Ramón is a founding partner of Dibulitoon Studio in 1991. He has produced one of the first European 3D animation features, El ladrón de sueños (2001), followed (in coproduction with Irusoin) by Glup (2003), Supertramps (2004) and Cristóbal Molón (2006).Joan Espinach is a Catalan artist who was affiliated with the Comicup studios since the mid-1980s. He has drawn comics with Disney characters for the several European publishers, but from 1987, he has drawn exclusively for the Italian magazine Topolino. He has also worked in animation with Miquel Pujol.