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La permission de minuit

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International title The Moon Child
Section 49 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country Francia
Year 2011
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 110 min
Original language Francés
Director Delphine Gleize
Screenplay Delphine Gleize
Film Editing François Quiqueré
Photography Crystel Fournier
Music Eric Neveux, BLESS
Art direction Antoine Platteau
Costume Pierre-Yves Gayraud
Production Jérôme Dopffer
Cast Vincent Lindon (David), Emmanuelle Devos (Carlotta), Quentin Challal (Romain), Caroline Proust (Louise), Nathalie Boutefeu (Eva), Laurent Capelluto (Harold), Solène Rigot (Noémie), Maxime Renard (Guillaume), Alexandre Boucher (Jacob), Noémie Dujardin (Lucie), Dominique Baeyens (Angéle)
Producer Les productions Balthazar
Distribution Company Wild Bunch
Synopsis Romain has a rare disease that obliges him to fully avoid the sun, a genetic disorder that makes sunrays lethal for him and which reduces him to a life under the moonlight or to hiding within weird shields of clothing, a circumstance that, logically, makes it very difficult for him to have relationships with other people. However, Romain has a friend, David, the dermatologist who has been treating him since childhood. Lacking a father figure and being unable to connect with children his own age, his relationship with David is as sui géneris as his own life experience, a rare friendship between a child and an adult. The twist comes when David learns that he will soon be without his patient and, therefore, without his friend, a news which falls like a jar of cold water and which will awaken Romain's wildest side.
Director bio Delphine Gleize was born in 1973. After studying literature, she joined the Fémis in 1994 in the stage section. Her first short film, Sale Battar, received the César award in 2000. Her next short films, Un château en Espagne (1999) and Les Méduses (2000) were screened at Cannes, where her debut feature, Carnage, won the Youth Award in 2002. Her next feature was L' Homme qui rêvait d'être un enfant (2005).