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Five Time Champion

- fivetimechampion.jpg
Section 49 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2011
Format HDCam
Color / B&W Color
Running time 92 min
Original language Inglés
Director Berndt Mader
Screenplay Berndt Mader
Film Editing Brent Joseph, Don Howard
Photography Jimmy Lee Phelan
Music Graham Reynolds
Art direction Alan Lampert
Costume Stephanie A. Steele
Production Brent Mader, Ezra Venetos
Production design Javier Bonafont
Cast Ryan Akin (Julius), Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Danielle), Jon Gries (Melvin), Betty Buckley (Fran), Noell Coet (Shiley), Justin Arnold (Levi), Don Pirl (Alwyn), Robert Longstreet, Julie Erickson
Producer The Bear Media
Distribution Company Odin’s Eye Entertainment
Synopsis Julius is an adolescent more in tune to science than with the world surrounding him. He pays serious attention to his experiments with earthworms and always achieves reassuring results that are in line with his hypotheses. But no matter how much he studies adult behaviour with scientific rigour, people are a thousand times more shocking than the strangest earthworm. An absent father about whom rumours are running wild, a mother victim of her instincts and a grandfather who is having an affair: nobody follows its assigned role and that confuses Julius up to the point where he does not even understand his own behaviour and stops knowing the reason why he acts the way he does with his friend Shirley, for example. And although some insist that team sports is the solution to everything (it will even help him at one point), Julius slowly realizes that science may indeed give him pointers to face the world, since all experiments evolve through trial and error.
Director bio Berndt Mader holds an MFA degree in filmmaking from the University of Texas at Austin and is co-owner of the Austin-based production company The Bear Media. His short films A Neutral Density (2005) and Road to Tlacotepec (2008) received awards at Cinematexas and Austin. Five Time Champion is his first feature film to write and direct and it premiered at SXSW 2011.