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17 Filles

- 17filles.jpg
International title 17 Girls
Section 49 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country Francia
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Color / B&W Color
Running time 90 min
Original language Francés
Director Delphine Coulin, Muriel Coulin
Screenplay Delphine Coulin, Muriel Coulin
Film Editing Guy Lecorne
Photography Jean-Louis Vialard
Art direction Benoît Pfauvadel
Costume Dorothée Guiraud
Production Denis Freyd
Cast Louise Grinberg (Camille), Juliette Darche (Julia), Roxanne Duran (Florence), Esther Garrel (Flavie), Yara Pilartz (Clémentine), Solène Rigot (Mathilde)
Producer Archipel
Distribution Company Films Distribution
Synopsis A group of seventeen secondary school girls takes a common decision that will affect their whole lives and will not be understood by other adolescents and adults in their surroundings: they decide to get pregnant at the same time. It all begins with Camille, who informs her group of friends that she is pregnant, and thus she becomes the centre of attention in her school. When another girl from school, Florence, confesses that she is also expecting a baby, she is also automatically accepted in Camille’s selective circle of friends, which triggers a chain reaction amongst the rest of the students. The rebelliousness of the girls and the manner in which they try to organize their future and those of their unborn children all by themselves does not, however, amuse their parents or the school teachers, unable to decipher whether their decisions are a kind of feminist claim or a simple unconscious whimp of adolescence. Based on an event that took place in the United States in 2008.
Director bio Delphine and Muriel Coulin have directed five short films, including Sisyphe (Best Drama award at the Los Angeles Film Festival) and Souffle (Critics prize, selected for Cannes Critic’s Week). Delphine also writes novels while Muriel directs documentaries.