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Until the Next Resurrection

Until the next resurrection
International title Until the Next Resurrection
Section Llendes / Competición No Ficción
Country Rusia
Year 2009
Format Betacam Digital
Color / B&W Color
Running time 90 min
Original language Ruso
Director Oleg Morozov
Screenplay Oleg Morozov, Oleg Dane
Film Editing Oleg Morozov, Larisa Bekh
Photography Oleg Morozov, Larisa Bekh, Igor Ryazantsev
Music Richard Wagner, Consuelo Velásquez, Boris Sheremetyev, Mikhail Valovatz, Sergey Shnurov
Production Alexander Slavin, Larisa Bekh
Cast Yevgeny Yegorov, Viktor Mytin, Tatyana Shashko, Alexandr Chichkanev, Yulya Ystomina, Zhanna Serebryakova, Pasha- Edik, Sasha-Lyosha
Producer ReProduction
Synopsis Oleg Morozov took 15 years shooting this film in Kaliningrad, a former German city that was annexed to Russia after the Second World War to be repopulated by Russians who emigrated there following the expulsion of all Germans. Maybe it was patience that achieved this close and intimate vision of a group of persons harshly punished by drugs, alcohol, poverty, and, in general, moral and material misery. These are people who share a peculiarity: not only do all of them seem destined to end up in the worst possible manner, but that they all seem to be already dead now. Morozov does not spare us this information, the key to understanding the scope of this movie, filming what is somehow a farewell from all of them until their next resurrection, a farewell that could also have been that of Morozov given that he died a few weeks after completing the edition of the movie.
Director bio Oleg Morozov was born in the region of Kaliningrad in 1959 and graduated in Filmmaking from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK) in 1987, where he studied under Vadim Yusov, with whom he worked as director of photography. He directed several films, among which we can highlight Leningrado, November (1990) co-directed with Andreas Schmidt and awarded the FIPRESCI award at the 1991 Stockholm Film Festival. He died a few weeks after he finished shooting Until the Next Resurrection.