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Les Hommes Debout

International title Men Standing
Section Llendes / Competición No Ficción
Country Francia
Year 2010
Format Beta SP
Color / B&W Color y B&N
Running time 75 min
Original language Francés, Árabe, Alemán
Director Jérémy Gravayat
Screenplay Jérémy Gravayat
Film Editing Jérémy Gravayat
Photography Jérémy Gravayat
Music Miloud Amrani, Amor Boughanmi, Arditti String Quartet
Production Morgane Le Moal
Cast Amor Boughanmi, Hassan Guaid, Romuald Fogolin
Producer Les Inattendus
Synopsis This movie, which is an essay, discusses resistance, and how different men in different places and times remain firm in their rejection of alienation and exploitation. The heart of Gravayat’s proposal is in the hangars of Penarroya, where a group of immigrant workers stood up in a prolonged strike in the 70s. Far from historicism, the director connects this act with other forms of resistance, like that of a young white homeless who occupies the abandoned facilities of a company, the last person remaining in the building before it is demolished to construct a high-level residential area. A highly symbolic act connected to other kinds of resistance that become a whole in this film.
Director bio Jérémy Gravayat films (documentaries, essays and fiction) question certain realities of contemporary exiles: the day-to-day of a Bosnian refugee, the emigrants in Calais and Sangatte, the Palestinians in the occupied territories, the immigrant and undocumented workers in the suburbs of Lyon… Gravayat was an assistant to the documentary maker, Dominique Dubosc, and he works as editor in several audiovisual projects and as programmer for the associative structures Basses Lumières, Les Inattendus and Dérives.