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Á Tout de Suite

Á Tout de Suite
International title Á Tout de Suite
Section Sección Oficial Largometrajes Competición - 42 edición
Country Francia
Year 2004
Running time 95
Director Benoît Jacquot
Screenplay Benoît Jacquot
Film Editing Luc Barnier
Photography Caroline Champetier
Producer Natan Productions
Distribution Company Flach Pyramide International
Synopsis An art student without a name, well-behaved, the posh daughter of a divorced father with a spacious apartment. It wasn’t on the cards for her to fall in love with a prince who is not charming, who is a Moroccan crook. And she, who communicates through her sketches and gestures more than through words, follows her man after a botched bank robbery which results in two dead. A long and winding road in 1975, an escapade through sexual impulses in the pre-AIDS era, in search of a non-existent destination all throughout Spain, Greece and Morocco. Getting on with their lives until they hit disaster.
Director bio Benoît Jacquot was born in 1947, in Paris. He began working in features in the late 1960s as an assistant director, often associated with Marguerite Duras, with whom he collaborated on such films as Sweet Hunters (1969) and India Song (1975). By 1975, he had directed his first feature, L'Asassin Musicien, but real notice did not come until With All Hands (1986). Jacquot has worked writing screenplays for others. In 1983, he wrote The Young Ladies' War. He also wrote the songs for Le Navire Nuit (1979) and has acted in small roles in a number of the films since the late 70s, including Le Theatre des Matieres (1977), and La Memoire Courte/Short Memory (1979).