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Gruz 200

Cargo 200
International title Gruz 200
Country Rusia
Year 2007
Running time 89
Director Aleksey Balabanov
Screenplay Aleksey Balabanov
Film Editing Tatyana Kuzmichyova
Photography Alexander Simonov
Music Mikhail Nikolaev

The CTB Film Company
Kamennostrovskiy Prospect 10
San Petersburgo 197101


The title of the film makes reference to the shipment home of the bodies of soldiers fallen in action. It is 1984; the USSR is at the gates of Perestroika, and the regime is giving its most violent and dangerous last displays of strength. Artem goes to visit his brother, a high ranking officer in the Communist Party, who lives in a small town. His daughter is seeing a young man called Valery, who takes her to parties where the booze flows freely to the sounds of heavy metal. After one of these parties the girl disappears. This is the starting point for a series of characters and stories which interweave to form a tapestry which will inevitably be torn apart by violence.