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Ser o sentirse

Ser o sentirse
International title Ser o sentirse
Country España
Year 2009
Running time 17
Director Pablo Damián Alonso Toledano, Aleksi Heinonen
Screenplay Pablo Damián Alonso Toledano, Aleksi Heinonen
Film Editing Aleksi Heinonen
Music Angel “Six” Seisdedos, Joaquín "July” Martínez, Pablo “Zeta” Cearra

Lokesea Producciones

Tlf. 600636693


Are we young or is being young just a frame of mind? This documentary deals with youth. For some it is merely a question of age; but can it really be bounded within a time frame? Some say the limit is at 25, others push it to 30. Who is right? Or more to the point …is anyone right? Lokesea Producciones examines the stereotypes imposed by society, and questions whether we are dealing with a physical or a mental state, a way of life, of feeling or of behaving. Because the answer is not always a question of numbers.