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Head On

Contra la pared
International title Gegen die Wand
Country Alemania, Turquía
Year 2004
Running time 121
Director Fatih Akin
Film Editing Andrew Bird
Photography Rainer Klausmann
Music Selim Sesler

Wüste Filmproduktion

Distribution Company

Golem Distribución


In Head On, filmed almost entirely in the natural light available on location, Fatih Akin develops his most personal aesthetic qualities and way of directing. Guided by musicians who play Turkish songs on the banks of the Bosporus, we discover the lives of Cahit and Sibel. Cahit is a self destructive libertine of the Hamburg night life, who finds himself in a psychiatric clinic after crashing his car into a wall. There he meets Sibel, a young Turkish woman who has tried to take her own life as a means of escape from the oppressive atmosphere in her family home. Sibel longs to live an intense life style, so she proposes a marriage of convenience to Cahit. Sibel sees this as her only possible escape route, so Cahit finally accepts. What begins as a simple relationship between flat mates does eventually get more complicated and ends up marking both of their lives forever. Head On was awarded with the Golden Bear for Best Film and Best Director at the 2004 Berlin Film Festival.