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La mujer sin piano

La mujer sin piano
International title La mujer sin piano
Country España
Year 2009
Running time 95
Director Javier Rebollo
Screenplay Javier Rebollo, Lola Mayo
Film Editing Ángel Hernández Zoido
Photography Santiago Racaj

Avalón Producciones Cinematográficas S.L.
Plaza del Cordón, 2 bajo izq.
28005 Madrid
T. +34 91 366 43 64
F. +34 91 365 93 01


A house wife is submerged in the most absolute apathy. Her existence is a conglomeration of monotonies: a tedious marriage, an inert sex life, and a job with no prospects. But just when she least expects it, everything looks like changing. The 16th of March, 2003, will be remembered for more than just the famous photo taken in the Azores, is the anniversary of the liberation of a woman who will re-discover the ability to surprise herself through her observations of the world around her. That night she decides to spend the night away from home and to learn to enjoy the small pleasures provided by the chaotic society of the Twenty-First century.