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International title O'Horten
Country Noruega, Alemania, Francia
Year 2007
Running time 90
Director Bent Hamer
Screenplay Bent Hamer
Film Editing Pål Gengenbach
Photography John Christian Rosenlund

BulBul Film AS
Høyåsveien 24
3216 Sandefjord
T. +47 91647172

Distribution Company

Norwegian Film Institute
Boks 482 Sentrum
0105 Oslo
T. +47 22 47 45 00
F. +47 22 47 45 99


Odd Horten is a train engineer who is forced to retire after more than four decades of service. The only person with whom he has regular contact is his mother, who neither society nor her husband have allowed to fulfil her dream of becoming a ski jumper. For O’Horten, the mere idea of travelling by plane from one Norwegian city to another is a risky proposal. However, all of this is about to change; his life is to suffer an unexpected transformation which will leave him no time for boredom.